Magical women

A Complimentary virtual Workshop for Magical women, Mujeres Magicas

Badass Mujer.


It’s time!



And it begins by learning how to turn obstacles into stepping stones as a path to your dreams in a way that honors you and all your colors and textures.

This workshop will support brilliant Mujeres like YOU breakthrough and begin nurturing your multi-faceted dreams and goals.

One thing I know for sure is that Latinas are PURE MAGIA!

We come from a long line of magical women.

Our mothers and abuelitas are the original badass mujeres.  Many of them came from background with limited options that offered little to no choices.   My great-grandmother’s stories of her hiding from her parents her desire to learn to read both inspired and saddened me.  She came from the era that believed that women did not need to be literate.  Reading was for men and men only.

And let’s not forget about all the crazy remedios they can concoct! A few drops of this and some hierbitas of that and all our aches would miraculously go away. How does an ironed handkerchief, corn starch, and El Vah-po-ru (aka Bibaporru, Beep Vaporú, El Bic, El Bix, El Vickisito, #vivaporu) make everything better?  Magic… magia.

We often find ourselves toeing the the line between two very different and sometimes opposing worlds.

We are raised to honor our roots, to work hard, do well while witnessing different rules and expectations for men and women.  Trying to be good daughters, wives, and sisters, honoring our parents and not knowing how to let go of toxic teachings, leads to confusion and feeling lonely, lost, and confused on how to feel complete and let our unique light shine bright.

Not knowing where to start or where to ask for the right help often gets in the way of seeing those badass dreams come true.


This workshop will support brilliant Mujeres like YOU breakthrough and begin nurturing your multi-faceted dreams and goals.

For many years I found myself stuck and giving up on my dreams before even getting started.  As soon as an obstacle showed up, I would start looking for another certification, another degree, or purchasing yet another online course searching for the one magical something that would help me push through and make it happen.

I did not see back then that I was looking for permission outside of myself.  After all, I grew up asking for permission and thinking of others first. I had no idea where to get permission for my dreams or how to focus on myself

Transformation came when I learned to turn obstacles into stepping stones, permit myself to leap, and use my Latin and American cultures to serve others, myself, and my dreams.

Today I consider myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I own group practices, supervise and train up-and-coming sex therapists, and coach and consult with other entrepreneurs in creating businesses and lifestyles they really love.

In an effort to fit in, to feel loved and accepted, we forgot how magical and badass we really are.

when you attend Magical Women, mujeres magia

you will...
  • Enliven and reconnect with your heart’s dreams.
  • Turn one of your biggest obstacles into stepping stones.
  • Learn essential ingredients for success using your own unique magic

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I promise you will walk away with valuable information and important steps in creating your heart’s dreams.



Come gather with like-minded women ready to own their badass magical selves.

Magical Women, Mujeres Magia

Virtual Workshop

Saturday, January 29, 2022

10 am – 1 pm PT / 11 am -2 pm MT / 12 pm – 3 pm CT/ 3 pm – 6 pm ET
Link provided upon registration.

once you learn how to turn obstacles into stepping stones and reconnect with your own magic, you will be unstoppable.

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