Soñar Aloud

A Mastermind Program for Latina Clinicians ready to create their business & dream fiercely aloud!


A 6-month mastermind group for therapists ready to scale their MENTAL HEALTH business .

This group is for:

  • Therapists looking to scale their solo practice
  • Therapists transitioning from community mental health to private practice
  • Therapists who want to set the foundation to expand into owning a group practice
  • Therapists looking to expand beyond 1:1 clients
  • Therapists that are wanting to create a lifestyle that balances self-care, family time, and being a badass business owner

Areas We Will Cover

Many therapists leave the field or commit to overworking to be able to sustain the lifestyle they want. Rarely do we learn in Grad School or during Supervision how to run a profitable mental health business.

This is will be more than just finding your niche and branding. You will also learn strategies to create a foundation that runs smoothly.

You can’t help anyone if no one can find you and you are unclear on the kind of business you want to run.

Whether you are looking to scale your solo practice or expand into a group practice, clarity on your mission (your why) and your vision (your how) help you clarify your unique leadership style. 

We will explore and unravel cultural beliefs that impact our ability to move forward with our dreams and goals.  

Our ancestors learned and taught through stories.  Women especially sat in circles to share their stores—life lessons, childhood memories, rites of passages, ritualsSharing helps heal, connect, and grow dreams.  

This Mastermind will be beyond just business. Because who you are, your own unique calling to become a therapist, and how you continue to be called to serve are essential parts of the tapestry of your mental health business.  And you will learn to use them to grow your business while being supported by other like-minded women. This is poder.

When we heal ourselves, we help elevate our greater Latinx community.

If you dream of a thriving solo practice, you need to learn the systems and operations for a thriving practice, this group mastermind will help you learn how to implement proven strategies for a smart practice.

If you have a thriving solo practice but you need to learn the systems and operations for a group practice, this group mastermind will help you learn how to implement proven strategies for a smart group practice.

The best way to extinguish your dream is to work harder and leave no time for yourself.  A therapy business is a business of healing, you included. 

Whether you are scaling or growing, how you set up the financial systems of your business is vital for the health of your business.

A transformative inside-out approach to elevate your mindset and create strategies to reach your goals in a way that honors and nourishes your unique flavor.

You’ll be part of a Mastermind Circle of like-minded Mujeres to help create a deeper connectionsupportaccountability, and inspiration throughout the program. 

One-to-One sessions will focus on transformational work so you get the personalized coaching support you need to create what you want. 

* Group sessions will be recorded, so you won’t miss a thing.

Meeting you and helping you along your journey.

we launch on September 30, 2022

We will meet live via zoom on the 1st Saturday of the month for the Monthly Immersion and the 3rd Wednesday of every month for Office Hours.  There will be lots of support along the way.

I created Soñar Aloud to support Latinas/Latinx/Latine Women & Femme Clinicians in creating the practice of their dreams–to support you in revitalizing your soul and enlivening the dream that sparked your choice in career.

I have been in the field of mental health for over 20 years and have seen very little change for BIWOC. My intention for this Mastermind is to help you not only reconnect to your dream but get clarity on what that dream looks like and help you build doable steps towards it while being witnessed and held by other like-minded Badass Mujeres.  

I have learned valuable lessons as a therapist and entrepreneur. I lost thousands of dollars, missed out on some key opportunities, and felt lost on how to get myself out there. Now I want you to learn from my mistakes and become the therapist entrepreneur of your dreams. 

Do you want to have a prosperous solo practice? Do you dream of opening your own group practice? I got you.

As a first-generation US-born Latina, I understand the sacrifices and hard work it took to become a clinician. Even having made the choice to go into mental health is a huge leap for many. You went to school to learn how to help people. You dreamt of helping others with similar stories, heal and grow. You may even have had visions of creating your own group practice or wellness center that can help you impact more lives. You worked hard and like many Latinx/Latine Women, you made lots of sacrifices to complete your education, gain your hours, and become licensed.

But you can’t help anyone if no one can find you and you are not clear on the kind of business you want to run. 

Our time in graduate school and as an associate taught us how to diagnose, create treatment plans, and learn how to engage in therapeutic relationships. We didn’t get taught how to run a business or get prepared to become the business owners we need to be to create a prosperous solo or group practice.

Most Latinx/Latine Clinicians begin their career in non-profit or community mental health where they quickly become front-line workers and are rarely given the opportunity to scale to management-level positions. We quickly become overworked, burned out, overwhelmed with paperwork, and feeling further and further from what called us into this profession of service. This stops now.

You became a therapist because you deeply desired to help people, serve others, see them grow & heal, and help make a difference.

Soñar Aloud Mastermind Program for Latina Mental Health Professionals

Investment for 6-Month Group

Option 1: $2,250.00

Includes an Individual Coaching Session 

(to be completed before the start of the program)

Option 2: $355/monthly 

Monthly Installment Plan | Deposit of $475

(due prior to the start of groups)


Scholarships are available. Please complete Information Request From below.

Ready to Soñar Aloud and be the Badass Mujer you were always meant to be and create the business of your dreams?

You only live once. You don’t want your tombstone to read: ‘Played it Safe.'

– Rosario Dawson