This Badass Mujeres Experience Maravilla (because you are a mujer maravilla) will help you define what you want, shape that vision, and set up the practical steps and system that will support the transformation you desire.

It’s a transformational experience that includes all of my best professional and business practices, psychology, and entrepreneurial experiences to transform my private coaching clients in various industries. 

My wish for you and my intention in creating Maravilla is for you to experience and create a life of abundance, fulfillment, and freedom while celebrating the unique flavors and textures of being Latina.

The world needs you, your voice & your heart’s dreams.

We have big dreams and even bigger hearts.

Yet not knowing where to start or where to ask for the right help often gets in the way of seeing those badass dreams come true.

Latinas are MAGIA!

This workshop will support brilliant Mujeres like YOU breakthrough and begin nurturing your multi-faceted dreams and goals.

It’s time to shatter the ceiling
let our power shine through.

These last few years and the pandemic have been one heck of a crazy roller coaster ride.

The individual and collective loss has been astounding. And no other community has been impacted like the Mujeres of our community.

Mujeres are the front-line workers, ER & ICU cleaners, essential workers. They are also the heads of single-parent homes responsible for their children and parents’ care and extended family. We are also professionals, working hard for our dreams. 

And just like many of our ancestors, out of this pain and doubt, you want to create an extraordinary life. Refusing to let anything or anyone dictate your life.

You understand that we are collectively in a season of change – where we must heal, let go,  thrive, and not just survive.

No matter what stage you are in life or your career right now, you’re likely not where you want to be.

If your career and professional life career are going great, you may often find your family time sacrificed.  If your relationship with your family is wonderful, like many women, your self-care takes a hit. And not to mention the stress that exists in many romantic partnerships with very little space to flourish at the end of a busy day, week, or month.


Maravilla is about tapping into the forces that have always existed inside you that can help you break through any limit and create the quality of life you desire and deserve. 

Life always reflects where we reside.

It’s time that life reflects the extraordinary mujer that you are. 

Because when you are ready to receive, you must clear the landscape to see the rewards that life has been awaiting to bestow on you. 


Collaboration, creativity, and respect build lifelong connections that matter and make a difference, propelling us to work together across all boundaries.

Diane Luna

The time is now!

It’s time to participate in life with a new level of commitment and passion for dreaming big and going big.  Together we can make our time together a life-changing event you will never forget!


The Badass Mujeres Virtual Workshop

Saturday, November 13, 2021

10 am – 4 pm PST

Investment $125

No woman will be turned away for lack of funds. Please reach out to inquire. Email

The time for you and your dreams is NOw.

Believing in yourself and fighting for your dreams is what enables you to live each day and face every obstacle.

Yaneli Sosa

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